Eden Tropics - Reseller Programs

Eden Tropics Fruits Welcome to Eden Tropics Reseller program

Over the yeas, we have earned the reputation for not only abundant supply of rare fruits, but also a rare level of efficiency placing fruits on retail shelves of our resellers within 4 - 24 hours from the time fruits were picked off the trees ... think about this ... picking, packaging, inspection, billing, and delivery all within 4 to 24 hours!

We strive to provide maximum market coverage by developing partnerships with resellers located in different geographical areas, reaching out to different market segments.  Some of our resellers are traditional supermarket chains, high end boutique retail markets, organic markets, Asian / Hispanic / ethnic retail, out-of-State distributors, and resellers who bundle our fruits for fresh juice, fruit candies, and gift baskets.

Please visit our "Bulk Fruits" product area.  All bulk boxes are bundled in efficient packaging shipped with 2 day express air delivery.  If you are interested to order in pallets, or you wish to market our retail packaging in volume, please contact us Marketing@EdenTropics.com, and let us explore our mutual cooperation.