6 Month Tropical Fresh Fruits - Free National Delivery

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Product code (SKU): FF-12300
Place one order and relax ... let us pick the best fruits for you at the ideal time when size, color, and taste are just perfect. Shipping charges are also included in this bundle offer of 6 boxes, each shipped once a month or once every other month.

We pack 15 pounds in each box, at times if fruits are just too large, we may only get 13 or 13.5 pounds inside the box (such as Cherimoyas).  

Here is our year round schedule:

January: Fuyo Persimmons          July : Mango

February: Cherimoyas                 August  : Papaya and/or Dates                          

March: Tangerine                     September: Figs

April: Blood Orange                   October: Sapote

May : Berries                            November: Hachia Persimmons

June :  Pamello                        December: Guava

Free Delivery to all lower 48 States - check with us for additional shipping charges to Hawaii, Alaska, and other regions.