Gourmet Fruit Jam Collection - Free Shipping

Gourmet Classic Jam Collection - Free Shipping

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Get 5 jars of Pure Gourmet Classic Jams. Includes free express shipping to anywhere in lower 48 States.
Units in box: 5

More Fruits - Less Calories - Premium Gourmet Ingredients - Five Jars @ One flat price


More organic fruits, picked at the perfect time when most ripe and at its peak in naturally sweet flavor.  This reduces added sweetener resulting in less calories. Enjoy amazing gourmet taste with fruit chunks in Jam like nothing you have ever had before.  This is EdenTropics Premium Signature Collection of Jam, offered for amazing one flat price including free express shipping to anywhere in the USA  - excludes Alaska and Hawaii, check for extra cost to these two destinations.    

Not 10 % fruits as in commercial jams but ... 100% fruits!

No Chemicals, preservatives, or any unnatural ingredients

Less Sugar as fruits are naturally harvested at peak time when sweetest

Classic Jams are:

 Fresh Fig Jam
Fresh Apricot Jam
♥ Fresh Peach Jam 
♥ Fresh Pear Jam
 Fresh Quince Jam
 Fresh Tomato Jam
♥ Fresh Carrots Jam
♥ Fresh Orange Jam 
♥ Fresh Apple Jam
♥ Fresh Plum Jam
♥ Fresh Cherry Jam

Your order will include all 5 premium Jars, one of each type, or may offer combinations of mixed jars when available, packaged same day it is shipped from freshly canned Jam, offering the maximum flavor and shelf life - up to 2 years refrigerated, best to consume within 21 days once jar is opened.  If you are sending this as a gift to a loved one, you will have a chance to personalize a gift card during checkout.