Pure Honey - 3 Pack

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100% Raw Honey from mountain flowers blossoms. Three large Jars, each 20 oz.
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Pure Raw Honey - From Mountain Flowers Blossoms - 3 Large Jars.  1.25 Pounds each.

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Wild HoneyThe Coastal area in Southern California, between La Jolla / Northern San Diego and Southern Orange County is considered perhaps the best climate in the County.  This region is home to Eden Tropics, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of natural land full of native mountain flowers, producing the purest honey in the County.  Honey that competes in quality to the renowned Mediterranean Coastal region of Anatolia, dates back to times of the Romans.


Most honey in the market is produced on commercial scale from flowers of a single crop.  Example ... from sage, or orange blossoms.  While all honey is beneficial and good, when it is collected from mountain wild flowers and organic fruit orchards, the taste, flavor, and medicinal value is exponentially increased.  This type of honey can be found in select markets offered for hundreds of dollars in small jars.  It is our pleasure and pride to provide you with this exceptional Honey at the most affordable cost possible.  If you wish to send as a gift to a loved one, you will have the chance to personalize a gift card during checkout.

7 Medicinal Benefits:

♥ Alleviates Allergies
♥ All-Natural Energy Source
♥ Boosts Memory
♥ Cough & Cold Suppressant
♥ Sleep Aid
♥ Treats Dandruff
♥ Treats Wounds And Burns